Next Up: Allegheny Center

Located in Pittsburgh’s lower North Side, Allegheny Center is bound by North Ave. on the north, Cedar Ave. on the east, Brighton Rd. on the west, and a railroad on the south. It includes West Park, the Children’s Museum, the New Hazlett Theater, and the National Aviary.

Originally designed as a public square in the 18th century, Allegheny Center (then called Allegheny Square) became the downtown area of Allegheny City at the city’s founding in 1840, which was annexed by Pittsburgh in 1907. It was home to America’s first free public library and the world’s first Carnegie Hall, as well as the Boggs and Buhl Planetarium and the Buhl department store. Urban renewal projects of the 1960s led to the destruction of 518 buildings, including the Market House, to make way for Allegheny Center, a project that included a shopping mall, 2 office buildings, 4 apartment buildings, and 50 townhouses. In the 90s, the shopping mall was converted into an office building. The Center is surrounded on three sides by Allegheny Commons Park, which was part of the original commons land of Allegheny City.


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