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Walking Banksville

With the days getting shorter and the sun racing to set, we embarked on what felt like our first true autumn walk.  We started our tour of Banksville at the intersection of Banksville Avenue and Potomac Avenue.

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Next Up: Banksville

Banksville is located in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, bordered by the city neighborhoods of Beechview and Ridgemont and by the municipalities of Green Tree, Mt. Lebanon, and Dormont. Continue reading


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Urban Hike Scavenger Hunt


There won’t be a new neighborhood tour this weekend, but we will be attending the Urban Hike Scavenger Hunt and wanted to encourage you to join us.

When: Sunday, October 21st, 1:30 pm

Where: Starts at East Liberty Presbyterian Church

Bring a digital camera and all its cords!  More info here.

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Interlude: Public Art

Back when we were walking Allegheny Center, our encounter with a sculpture in the park prompted a discussion about public art–the concept, the evolution, the impact on a neighborhood.  This week, Pop City included an article about “the art of public art.”  We thought it shed some light on the subject and wanted to share.  We look forward to seeing how these projects will shape our future walks.  You might also want to check out the map of Sprout Fund murals.  It’s interesting to see what neighborhoods are and aren’t drawing public art.  If you know of any great public art in your neighborhood, let us know so we can scope it out when we get there! 

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Walking Arlington/Arlington Heights


We found ourselves back in the hilltops of Pittsburgh, exploring the neighborhoods of Arlington and Arlington Heights.

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Next Up: Arlington / Arlington Heights


Arlington and Arlington Heights are Hilltop communities in Pittsburgh’s South End. 

Arlington is bordered on the North by Arlington Ave (South Side Slopes), on the West by Mt Oliver Borough, on the South by Parkwood Road and Becks Run (Mt Oliver neighborhood, St Clair, and Baldwin Borough), and on the East by the railroad tracks running parallel to East Carson Street (South Side Flats). 

Arlington Heights is set within the northeast area of Arlington.  Arlington borders it on three sides, Handler St (South Side Slopes) on the fourth.

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Interlude: Boundaries

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

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