Next Up: Arlington / Arlington Heights


Arlington and Arlington Heights are Hilltop communities in Pittsburgh’s South End. 

Arlington is bordered on the North by Arlington Ave (South Side Slopes), on the West by Mt Oliver Borough, on the South by Parkwood Road and Becks Run (Mt Oliver neighborhood, St Clair, and Baldwin Borough), and on the East by the railroad tracks running parallel to East Carson Street (South Side Flats). 

Arlington Heights is set within the northeast area of Arlington.  Arlington borders it on three sides, Handler St (South Side Slopes) on the fourth.

The area was part of St. Clair Borough, which was annexed by the City of Pittsburgh in 1923.  St. Clair Borough had been carved out of Lower St. Clair Township, which in turn split from St. Clair Township, which was one of the original townships of Allegheny County. 

In its earliest years as a neighborhood (and just before), Arlington’s residents were mostly Polish and German.

During the Civil War, Fort Smalls was built in the Arlington Heights area near St. Peter’s Cemetery (though its exact location is not marked today).  It overlooked Becks Run, and was one of several forts (called redoubts) in the region that were hastily constructed out of mud as General Lee’s army headed North (and eventually to Gettysburg, rather than Pittsburgh).  The fort was built entirely by African American laborers.

In 1942, the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh built 660 low-rent housing units as the Arlington Heights Housing Community.  Initially, tenants were restricted to war workers who had left their families in another town or lived too far from their jobs.



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2 responses to “Next Up: Arlington / Arlington Heights

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  2. Lee

    Thanks very much for the tour and helping to remember some great life growing up in the Projects when I was a boy. I lived there from birth until I turned 17 and joined the Marines. I lived at 3265 Arlington Ave. I think it was bldg 11? The view from our back window overlooked the Loretta Cemetary. We played there often but never did damage or disrespect to the graves. My best friend’s father was the caretaker: Last name was Studar. I was there from 1949 until 1967. My Mom died there while I was in Vietnam in 1969, If anyone has any photos of those days, I would love to have them shared with me. I remember playing on the hill and all the enjoyment we had sliding with cardboard boxes in summer and sleds in the winter with snow. I also remember the Indian Rock! There was also lots of folks on the corners singing Doo Wap. I would trade them days for anything. I started school at Spring Lane on Spring Lane and then moved into Arlington Elem School. I later attended South High School before going into the Marine Corps.
    Thanks for sharing this,

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