Next Up: Banksville

Banksville is located in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, bordered by the city neighborhoods of Beechview and Ridgemont and by the municipalities of Green Tree, Mt. Lebanon, and Dormont.

The land was settled by Isaac Sellers in 1773, who sold it to the Carnahan family in 1789.  The neighborhood was named after Eliza Banks Carnahan.  The Carnahans laid out the neighborhood after the Civil War, and the Scots-Irish settlers developed the town as a farming and coal mining community.  The coal mines were exhausted and the mining industry was gone by 1914.
Banksville was part of Union Township, and was annexed by the city of Pittsburgh in 1928.

Banksville Road, which comprises one of the borders of Banksville, is currently undergoing the Blitz on Banksville Beautification Project.  This project seeks to increase the natural beauty and improve the pedestrian experience along Banksville Road, through the use of gardens, neighborhood clean-ups, and even a butterfly and bird habitat at the intersection of Banksville and Old Banksville Roads.    



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2 responses to “Next Up: Banksville

  1. va

    blitz on banksville is a fucking joke. when i was in high school i got suckered into volunteering for a day for “blitz on bankville.” they made us fucking weed the landscaping at the sonoco station on bankville, to make it look pretty or something. i spent hours digging in the dirt (in the pouring rain while wearing a garbage bag) at a motherfucking gas station and all i got was a bag of chips. i can’t figure out what the point of that project is. it’s like a bunch of upper middle class ladies trying to make their husband’s commute to work nicer. fuck that. banksville is gross and it will be gross forever. rich suburbanites deserve to look at the grossness that is banksville road.

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