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Next Up: Beltzhoover


Beltzhoover is a Hilltop neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s South End.  It is bordered by Mt. Washington on the North and West, Bon Air on the South, and Knoxville and Allentown on the East.

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Walking Beechview

We started our walk at the Beechview Community War Memorial parklet, which sits between Broadway and Bensonia, at Shiras Ave.

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Next Up: Beechview

Beechview is located in Pittsburgh’s South End.  It is bordered on the West by the neighborhoods of Banksville and Ridgemont, on the North by Duquesne Heights, on the Northeast by Mt. Washington, on the Southeast by Brookline, and on the South by Dormont Borough.

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Walking Bedford Dwellings

We started our walk at the juncture between Polish Hill and the Hill District, by the garden at the corner of Bigelow Blvd. and Herron Ave.
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Next Up: Bedford Dwellings

The Hill District has such a long and storied history that it’s difficult to know exactly where to begin.  The Hill is made up of five neighborhoods:  Bedford Dwellings, Crawford Roberts, Middle Hill, Terrace Village, and Upper Hill.

Bedford Dwellings runs along the northernmost section of the Hill, bordered by the Strip District (at Bigelow Blvd) the Middle Hill (at Bedford Ave), the Upper Hill (at Herron Ave), and Crawford Roberts (at Ledlie St).

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