Next Up: Bluff


The Bluff neighborhood (more often called Uptown or sometimes Soho) of the City of Pittsburgh sits along the North Bank of the Monongahela River to Fifth Avenue and runs between the Birmingham Bridge and the Liberty Bridge.  It borders Downtown on the West, Crawford-Roberts and West Oakland on the North, and South Oakland on the East.  The South Side Flats are just across the River on the South.

In the early 19th Century, James Tustin bought much of the land in the area and built an estate at Wyandotte (now Jumonville) between Forbes and the Mon.  Tustin named the area after Soho in England.  In 1846, Pittsburgh annexed the area as part of Pitt Township.  Around this time, a number of wealthy Pittsburghers lived in rowhouses in the area.  Starting in the late 1840s and early 1850s, mills began to pop up just to the east, and immigrant workers began to move into the area.  Starting in the 1950s, the neighborhood began to see decline due (in a large part) to urban renewal.

Today, Bluff is home to Duquesne University, Mercy Hospital, and a number residents who are working to revitalize the neighborhood.  The neighborhood has over a dozen bus routes and tens of thousands of commuters who ride through the neighborhood, but there are a few stores and events that are also a draw: the Gist Street reading series features poets and other writers from around the country monthly at James Simon’s studio and Little Earth, a brand that claims to have introduced the word “ecofashion” into the world, has its global headquarters here.


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