Next Up: Brighton Heights

Brighton Heights is in Pittsburgh’s North Side.  The neighborhood of Perry North sits to the East and Marshall-Shadeland to the South.  Bellevue Borough and Ross Township are on the North and Stowe Township and McKees Rocks Borough are to the West.  The McKees Rocks Bridge serves as one entryway into the neighborhood at Ohio River Blvd.  Brighton Heights has an active neighborhood association, a lot of family-friendly neighborhood activity, and is sometimes referred to as an “urban suburb.”

Brighton Heights was once a predominantly German area.  Previously known as Davisville, the area became part of Allegheny City, annexed by the City of Pittsburgh in 1907.

Right next door, in Perry North, Brighton Heights residents have easy access to Riverview Park, known for its winding roads, hiking and equestrian trails.  The neighborhood is home to Brighton Heights Park (with baseball fields and a swimming pool), Marmaduke Park (home to Brighton Heights Dekhockey and and a fountain), and Legion Park (hosting several war memorials).  The business district on California Avenue is home to the Vault, former bank building, current coffee & tea shop.  The Vault is currently closed, but may possibly be reopening.

Over the last few years, Brighton Heights has received some media attention for being somewhat of an up-and-coming neighborhood.  Young families are moving in to take advantage of the reasonably priced housing, proximity to Downtown, and nearby amenities.  Property values are slowly but steadily rising as older housing is being redeveloped and the business district continues to grow.



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2 responses to “Next Up: Brighton Heights

  1. Mark

    I live in ‘Perry North’, but it is never referred to by that name by anyone living on the Northside. try using Observatory Hill. When the City redid the maps (actually they have redone them a couple of times), they were made aware of the discrepancy and chose to keep it as Perry North.

    For a little primer, here is another name inconsistency – Perry South has been known as Perry Hilltop for at least 25 or 30 years.

  2. jason

    its nice to see a city neighborhood that hasnt gone the way of scuzzy people, gangs, litter, and decay, like in perry north. it turns out that people who DO care about quality of life congregate and give strength to certain communities.

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