We’re walking the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is a city of many diverse neighborhoods, each with its own distinctive history and culture—its own quirky residents and charm.  This is what we love about Pittsburgh!  Polka spilling into the streets of the South Side, E-Fest–organized by kids in East Liberty, the little Italian groceries in Bloomfield.

Sometimes, our neighborhoods are cited as the source of a fractured Pittsburgh—a city with too little interaction and understanding between neighbors just a few miles (and a bridge!) away.

So let’s talk about walking.  When we walk, we’re able to truly see.  The nooks and crannies and people and alleys that we buzz by in our vehicles become the individual steps that make up our hours.  The boundaries of a neighborhood exist, but so do the fluidity and connections between one and the next, and the friendly people and unexpected places we discover along the way. 

The City of Pittsburgh lists 91 distinct neighborhoods; we’ll take them on one-by-one, from A to Z (Allegheny Center to Windgap).  For each neighborhood, we hope to share a good walking route, some history, and pictures and summaries of the things we learned about the neighborhood while walking, in hopes of creating a guide for walking Pittsburgh. 

We also encourage everyone to check out Urban Hike, which organizes group hikes in our urban region.

The tour starts here.


12 responses to “About

  1. Heather Kopanoff

    Now I feel really bad I haven’t visited you two in Pittsburgh. I look forward to reading all the walking tours before I arrive so we can pick one to do together!

  2. I love the new blog. This is a great idea and I love the pictures and of course, I love wordpress.

  3. Mickey Casey

    Who knew that you guys were walking fools? Ruth and I are definitely interested in going with you guys on one your walks! Also, it was cool hanging out with you guys this weekend.

  4. Mickey Avalon

    Yo, I love the site! I want to walk Pittsburgh one day! Mickey

  5. For walkers in the greater Pittsburgh area, there is an event at Hartwood Acres county park (Middle Rd entrance) this sunday April 20, 2008, that could be of interest: Orienteering. Similar to a scavenger hunt, participants must locate flags hidden in the woods using only a topographic map and compass. There will be four courses: Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Cost of the map is $4 (family/group may share the map, and cost is still $4). It is an all-ages, all-weather, all skill level activity. Event is open anytime between 11 AM to 2 PM. Come early if you think you want to do more than one course.

  6. great blog and work!

    rick byerly

    pittsburgh art events:

    pittsburgh art gallery directory:

    photography from rick byerly:


  7. Barbara

    Thanks! This is a great city for walking and more of us should know more of the neighborhoods. Can’t wait to try some of them. Also second Alexis that folks who like exploring on foot should try out orienteering. There’s another Pgh-area meet on July 19, at Boyce Park in the Monroeville area.

  8. Dennis

    This is a project I always wished someone would take up… and what a great job you guys are doing. I recognize a lot of the pictures from my days doing deliveries there. You really bring out the character of the neighborhoods well, especially the more impoverished ones where “outsiders” would usually not care to venture. Can’t wait to see more of my favorite little big city.

  9. Colleen

    Please include me in your mailing for your walks. I love walking and the history of Pgh. Thank you in advance.

  10. for walkers in the pgh area, there is an event in Hartwood Acres on Saturday april 18 that can be of interest: the Western Pennsylvania Orienteering Club will host a orienteering (scavenger hunt) meet, in which participants will locate flags in the woods with the use of a specially-designed topographic map and compass. Cost of participation is $5/map, group/family can share the one map and cost is still the same. Registration is anytime between 11 am and 2 pm, Middle Rd entrance.

  11. Hey,

    You stole our idea! Just kidding, but my fiancee and I are doing much the same thing as you. That’s not what my above blog is about, mostly; we publish our photos on Facebook. I just came across your blog by accident when I Googled the Graveyard Grill in Lawrenceville.

    Anyway, happy trails!


  12. Anon

    So I guess you’ve stopped walking??

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