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Walking Brighton Heights

On a sunny day in Pittsburgh, we set out to walk the neighborhood of Brighton Heights.  Yes, it was three months ago.  Yes, we’ve been on hiatus.  Onward! Continue reading



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Walking Allegheny West

Armed with our history of Allegheny West and on the lookout for millionaires, we started our walk at the corner of Rope Way and Buttercup Way, which is just a block off West Park.  Buttercup Way is an alley that runs along the back of a row of old Victorians, and its little backyards and green nooks provided a small peek into what we might find on the other side.

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Next Up: Allegheny West


Bordered by: North Ave. on the north, Allegheny Ave. on the west, 279 on the south, and West Park on the east.

Just next door to Allegheny Center, Allegheny West is the tiniest neighborhood in Pittsburgh, at roughly 8 square blocks.   

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Walking Allegheny Center

Allegheny Center is one of the smaller neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, often considered to be a part of Central Northside, and much of the neighborhood consists of park space.  We started our walk on Cedar Avenue, at the eastern entrance to Allegheny Commons Park, and followed the path along North Avenue. 

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Next Up: Allegheny Center

Located in Pittsburgh’s lower North Side, Allegheny Center is bound by North Ave. on the north, Cedar Ave. on the east, Brighton Rd. on the west, and a railroad on the south. It includes West Park, the Children’s Museum, the New Hazlett Theater, and the National Aviary.

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