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Walking Bon Air

We began our tour of Bon Air having recently walked its geographic and alphabetical neighbor, Beltzhoover.  This tour was a study in contrasts.  The neighborhood of Bon Air is a pocket of land in the south end, with few entrances or exits by road, and consequently, there is a very apparent distinction at the threshhold of the neighborhood, rather than the usual gradual change that we’ve seen at the borders of other neighborhoods.

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Next Up: Bon Air


Bon Air is a small neighborhood of just under 900 people in Pittsburgh’s South End.  It borders Beltzhoover on the North, Knoxville on the East, Carrick on the East and South, and Brookline on the West.

Between McKinley Park and the other green space that outlines the neighborhood, Bon Air is a little bit insulated, which contributes to the feel of “Country living in the City.”  The neighborhood is just about entirely residential.

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Walking Bloomfield

We began our tour of Bloomfield on a cold, but clear day at the corner of Liberty Ave. and Main St., which would later turn into a blustery, snowy day, thus initiating our first official walk in the winter snow.
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Walking Beltzhoover

With storm clouds having chased us clear out of Beltzhoover for the past two weekends, we swore that on this day, we would do the walk, rain or shine.  It was rain.  We started at the corner of East Warrington and Beltzhoover Avenue, ready for the soggy feet that lay ahead.

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Walking Beechview

We started our walk at the Beechview Community War Memorial parklet, which sits between Broadway and Bensonia, at Shiras Ave.

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Walking Banksville

With the days getting shorter and the sun racing to set, we embarked on what felt like our first true autumn walk.  We started our tour of Banksville at the intersection of Banksville Avenue and Potomac Avenue.

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Walking Allentown

There’s not a single street in Allentown that lacks an amazing view of our city.

But when the panorama subsides and you get an up-close look at those streets, the view is often changed.


Allentown is facing a significant amount of blight, and its footprint is evident throughout the neighborhood.  It also offers a strong feeling of community, as neighbors and their children line the sidewalks, and there are a number of gems within its borders.

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